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absolutly scandalous! i discover they took money out of me in devious way... smallllll prints so unaware of it ..end up paying LOTS of money for *** products..they should be name and shame

It was meant to be according to them, a gift trial!! duhhhhhh

they asked for bank account as I payed for postage,

weeks later i received my credit card account and went into shock when huge money was taken and TODAY again more money has been taken.. im absolutly furious with these bunch of dishonest greedy unscrupulous cie...name and shame

products doesnt work it s a big scam

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I have just been ripped off by Stemologica TWICE!!! I received an email to say I had won two gifts of my choice.

A coffee machine (no longer available) Oh how convenient! the last two were Stemologica eye cream and the other was some 24 carat gold rubbish. I was informed that I only had to pay for the shipping cost. No where on this email did it say that I was entering into a subscription!

The next thing I discovered is that these rip off merchants have taken £200.00 from my account. I spoke to my bank who kindly cancelled any future payments. My bank told me that they were scammer's and unfortunately this is what they do. I was soooo angry!

Don't be fooled into thinking these people are genuine because they are about as genuine as dog faeces. AVOID these people because they are low life ***!!!!!

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