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I answered a short survey, and was offered as a FREE GIFT some cosmetics. I thought I would give this free gift to my wife.

2 Months later after having supplied my card details for post and packing, I see £79:95 billed to my bank account using an old out of date card. The bank passed the payment!!! At NO-TIME did I subscribe, Order or Purchase any product from this Company!I am now in the proccess of recovering my money.

Everyone needs to be made aware of these scaming shysters!I intend to consult the "Insolvncy Service" to get them closed down and the directors banned from business in the UK. I am also contacting Trading Standards and the Met PLoice.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with false offer and robbing cnuts and stated that there is a room for improvement of falsley take money from customers and fraudulent charges 1 year after cancelling. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of stemologica free trial and associated monetary loss in the amount of $120. Stemologica needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Since when is free actually free?


When you accepted the free gift you also agreed to auto fills of their product. You didn't fully read what the terms were.

Yes, they are scammers. In your situation dispute the charge with your bank due to the card being invalid.

I expect you will have to cancel your "membership" or whatever they call it at Stemologica as they may just keep sending and billing you. Talk to your bank and ensure they do NOT honor transactions on the invalid card.

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