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Like many others on this site, I ordered two "trial" offers.It was advertised on Facebook with a picture of Ellen Degeneres next to it with the implication that she had such beautiful skin and it was as a result of using their products.

This will be the last time I order anything through Facebook as it seems they do not check out businesses to ascertain their ethical worth. When I ordered these, there was nothing to indicate that these were under a proviso that you must return them within 14 days or your credit card would be charged for the full price ($149.95 each product for a total of $299.90). I only discovered that after contacting my credit card company to challenge the charges. When my package arrived, there was no paperwork or return address on or in the box.

Since I was unaware they would set up automatic monthly charges for subsequent shipments (none of which I received nor ordered), I didn't think twice about the lack of a return address or paperwork. My credit card company has cancelled my card and made me aware that they have an arrangement to inform companies of a credit card change and will not do so at my express request (imagine having to do this to protect yourself). They were not so sure that I would be successful in having these charges cancelled, but did do a reversal for the time being. I really wish there was a way to make others aware of this nasty piece of work of a company and short of posting a message on Facebook, I am not sure what else can be done.

It boggles my mind to think that they may get away with this tactic. I hope this message helps others to avoid this kind of scam.

Do your due diligence and check BEFORE you purchase anything on line.I know I will be doing so from here on in.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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I agree 100% with everything that was said! They are a huge rip off!!!


I was scammed also..it was not FREE and only pay for shipping, but I was charged!

How does Facebook allow these scam artists to infiltrate their sites?

Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom #1123328

I also been had ,filled for free trile then I notice over 200pounds taken from my credit card ,have now cancelled ,so credit card will look into this ,I feel quite ill from this


I had exactly same experience. I wish I read your comments earlier.


The exact same thing happened to me and I had to cancel my credit card and they took out $400 for products that I didn't order and I am now fighting this with my credit card company.Very sad that they can get away with this.

No paperwork, no invoice, no return address and no emails were sent to me.

Only once I started fighting the charges they sent me correspondence.Biggest scam.


Happened to me just now at the cost of nearly £200. Bank insisting I didn't read the small print - it's my job to read that kind of text on a daily basis. Furious.




This guys are professional scammers.I responded to what came as an online survey about Rogers cable and internet, with the promise to get a free gift at the end of it.

Fikled the form to pay $ 5.00 for shipping and was later charged $ 218 for the two products I thought I would receive as gifts.

What a shameful way to market and sell products.I'm impressed this happens in Canada and we can't do anything.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #1100256

I was charged $179.98 for an offer which was advertised as free offer except for shipping at $5.95 after completing a review on Teksavvy website.The fraud prevention person I talked to at the credit card company (MBNA) from the tone of discussion was quite aware that the merchant was a fraud but still supported the merchant and refused to do anything.

Teksavvy claims on their email response that the merchant is a scam and used their name. I am really pissed on the poor level of customer protection offered by the Government.

How can such a racket still go on when so many in the financial circle is aware of this and still continues to support this.I am cancelling my account with MBNA as they do not care a *** for their clients event though that they have been with them for a decade.


Me too.Have contact bmo to stop paying.

Will see if this works. This scam traces back to 2014?????

still alive now???Any arrest?

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