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Sent for two free offers with just postage to pay.Received these then found I had £210.45 taken out of my bank account. How can you get money back or complain? This is a complete scam. How can a firm take such advantage of people. It is difficult to get hold of anyone to try and get an explanation and just hope that other people will not fall for this outrageous swindle. The items are not worth this amount of money. Have informed bank not to...
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I didn't like
  • Misleading advert and taking money from account falsely
I called customer service and they explained that if I did not return the product after 14 days that it would be charged to my mastercard and would automatically be charged every month. That is not what the advertisement declared. No way was I aware except that the trial offer was FREE but the FREE ended costing me $15.26 for shipping alone not to mention the surprise fees. And now $400 dollars for face cream, what a ripe off as I have no...
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I liked
  • Not ethical
I didn't like
  • Deceptive advetising
  • Billing my mastercard for samples
  • Billing my mastercard without permission