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I received the creams on a free trial offer .. Ordered on 21 December by the 6 January two payments of £97.95 was taken from my bank Halifax / lloydsbanking ..

One was a 14 day trial and the other a 30 day trial ..the bank can only cancel any further payments .. I can not find the link anywhere I'm no good on internet at all . I did take a screenshot and rang the number an American women on the phone would not give me an address or tell me where she was based .. A big massive *** ..

I don't even no how to go about getting my money back or who to get help from ... Stressed out is an understatement !!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of stemologica free trial. Stemologica needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1186638

This scam is in Canada as well. Truebella or Trubelleza or WHATEVER they changed their name to this week.

New twist is offering 'free sample' to 'product testers'. Same company, different tactic.

IF YOU SEE 'ALL YOU HAVE TO PAY IS SHIPPING'?DO NOT ORDER. They will use your credit card to scam you out of hundreds of dollars within a few days.


I have had the same issue - I can't believe I fell for it! It popped up on Facebook and I assumed it was safe.

Feel gutted.

Paid £3.99 for sample and now had nearly £200 taken out of my account. Am going to see my bank this morning.

Blackpool, Blackpool, United Kingdom #959591

I have been trying to find an address for this company my bank has refunded my account and they are investigating this company idid like so many others get these creams as a free gift i would like to send the creams back and have no further dealings with this conning company

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #944794

Try going to www.stemologica.com. Good luck with them, they are very dishonest.

I had to threaten them with a lawsuit to get my money back from them. They do Not want to be scrutinized in public court.

Also, I noticed that they have changed their website, too many Pissed off people I guess. A second website they use is beautelux.com.

These people are bad news.

Cromwell, Indiana, United States #933615

I contacted my bank, Bank of America. I have also posted a complaint on this site as well titled "they got me too but not for long".

Perhaps you might read it as I posted phone numbers and a name of a supervisor and his extention. My bank has a fraud division. I filled out a complaint and so far the bank has recovered $149.95 and $4.95 for their over seas processing fee. What this company is doing is quite simply fraud.

The Better Business Bureau here in the States has them listed as Stemologica and an address with a P.O. box in Louisville Kentucky. Although, it seems as the bank our money goes into is in Istanbul. I am sure your local police dept.

can direct you as to how to file an internet fraud complaint. Ours here in the US is Intternet fraud division of the FBI aka IC3. I also filed a complaint with them as mine was NOT a trial offer but a "gift" for taking a survey for a company I quite often do business with on line. The company I do business with is a large, nation wide chain of beauty supplies for licensed professionals here in the US.

They were not very happy that a 3rd party pop up was identifying themselves as survey takers for them and their IT department is on top of it. If all of us that have been scammed go after this shady fraudulent company it will at some point get shut down for their illegal business practices.

Goos luck! Go get them!

to RK Mount Juliet, Tennessee, United States #938596

That is how I came upon the lotions on a site that I look for Jobs on and to take a survey they offered this lotion,serum as a gift


I hAd the same problem I noticed the money had gone out and rang the bank the same day and was lucky enough to get my money back. I did have to ring the cream company before the bank blocked the company from taling anymore money. I only took the creams as they were a free trial!

to Tops London, London, United Kingdom #953909

My bank wont give my money back what can I do. The companymoffered me partial payment

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