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Totally shameless!! Totally misleading!

BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT BUY! Marketing misleads you to 'think' you are paying $5.95 for shipping of samples of products, when it is in fact

a scam that automatically signs you up for monthly 'subscription'! After reading about this scam, I tried to cancel my 'subscription' within 24hrs of giving my credit card info and thought that would be fine.

However, the samples were STILL shipped and received 16 days from my local post office. I was totally shocked that my visa was charged $169.95 AND $179.98- almost $350!! In the end, the telephone agent said that WAS correct since I had not sent back the products within their 14 day trial!! What??!

I cancelled within 24hrs so I thought this 'subscription' was cancelled already and these products were paid for by the $10 shipping. Apparently, to avoid paying nearly $350 for these 4 'trial' creams, I had to return all the products (on my account) within 14 days...except how is someone suppose to return something within 14 days if goods received was 16 days?! Most importantly, you are not aware you are suppose to return these 'trial' samples, otherwise a $350 charge would ensue.

Apparently, she told me I should have read all the 'terms and conditions' on the page! Oh, I finally did find those 'terms and conditions' in microscopic print at the very end of the page...looking at it now, should have known the setup was a misleading SCAM!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of subscription. Stemologica needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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sorry but this is NOT a scam. it's a $hitty way to do business to be sure but hardly a scam.

you did not read the fine print. it's there for a reason, if it had not been they can be in for a whole world of legal trouble.

they make it small on purpose hoping people either cant or wont read it and end up signing up which you obviously did.

so in closing, take some responsibility for your actions or rather INACTIONS and move on with your life.

to Anonymous #985120

While it may not be a scam legally, they do knowingly and purposely put those details in fine print in an obscure place on the site knowing that the majority of people who want the trial samples will over look it. As you said it is a sorry way to do business.

to Anonymous #999569

Not only that, how would you be able to return the Product if you were aware, my samples came in a small box with no Paper work or return address, I was able to cancel further Shipment after a lot of insistence, will still watch my Credit Card ,I still had to pay the exorbinate charges that were already posted. The Representative I spoke to would not shut up & listen to my Complaint, continually said "I am sorry for the misunderstanding, If it is not a Scam ,it is a disgusting way to do Business. Oh well i have sure learnt a Lesson ,not to purchase "Free Samples " from any where especially on line.


does anyone know the address for stemologica thankyou

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