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What you need to do when they take money out of your bank account and refuse to reimburse you or continue to do so, you can go to your bank and they will get the company to refund you. You may not get the first transaction refunded as there is a time span but you will get any other monies debited from your account.

They will also put a block on so they can't continue to withdraw anymore. I did this on more than one occasion and they have to by law do so at the request of your bank. I have always got my money back this way. My bank is NatWest and were brilliant.

When someone is selling you a free trial without divulging the price until you have filled in all your details, I would not go any further and delete all your details before closing down the page. So many scams out there . If you feel that it might be worth giving the product a try, you must notify them within the 2 week period when you are not happy and want to cancel. Notify your bank straight away and block them from debiting your account and as I said above, request the bank to get any money taken out to be put back.

By not doing this, they will stil keep taking monthly direct debits and sending you out products and charging you shipping for each product, ie; 2 bottles or jars in separate packaging. Scamming on shipping when both can fit into the 1 package tells you alt about the company !!.

Hope this helps you all . Mojo.

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